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URB&PARK 1.5/2.5/3.0/4.0

Photovoltaic canopies for electric vehicles

URB & PARK is a photovoltaic canopy solution designed for electric vehicles.

Our canopies are easily installed without the need for welding, heavy machinery or complex work. In addition, thanks to the kit type design and the low weight of the components, little staff is needed for assembly.

The canopies are served with a complete assembly manual and we provide the necessary advice for anchoring. We also offer mechanical assembly and electrical installation up to the commissioning, turnkey.

URB&PARK is perfect for generating photovoltaic energy for your electric vehicle. If your idea is to acquire a vehicle later, you can use the photovoltaic canopy initially to self-consume the energy in your home or in your company and then expand the system with a recharging station.The investment in a photovoltaic marquee is very profitable since it provides free energy for your electric vehicle, and being an installation of less than 10 kW, there are no taxes for the use of the public grid (colloquially called: sun tax). Also, in places without access to the public grid, you can enjoy a recharging solution for electric vehicles (even in picnic areas for recharging of electric bicycles) and / or for supplying with renewable energies. On farms, the photovoltaic canopy can serve as a shed for machinery, and at the same time, forms the basis for an autonomous solar pumping system of the public grid. The list of possible use cases is endless, and with the URB&Monitor solution through the APP you will always have your installation under control.

Available power levels: 1.5, 2.5, 3.0 and 4.0 kW