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ENERGY SOLUTIONS2019-03-28T17:10:26+00:00

Innovative energy solutions for a sustainable and economic electricity supply. With our photovoltaic and energy management solutions, we are able to considerably reduce the energy bill in any area.

Our offer includes:

  • Energy analysis and study of the achievable self-consumption quota
    the basis for a tailor-made proposal and for the optimization of the return.

  • Direct self-consumption (without storage)
    to cover a relevant part of the daily consumption directly with a photovoltaic system.

  • Self-consumption that incorporates load management
    for an optimal self-consumption quota thanks to smart home solution.

  • Self-consumption facilities with storage in batteries
    generate energy during the day and consumption at any time.

  • and much more …
  • Integration of electric vehicles
    recharging the VE with renewable energies and complementary services V2G.

  • Turnkey service and installation
    through our team and qualified installers.

  • Monitoring
    all generation and consumption at sight and under control.

  • Electricity supply from renewable sources,
    supply of electricity tailored to your needs.