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The URB&DRIVe project is chosen by IED as a case study for two university courses

//The URB&DRIVe project is chosen by IED as a case study for two university courses

At the beginning of the first semester of 2019, the European Design Institute (IED) and URB&DRIVe agreed on a collaboration to offer the students of this university the chance of working on the URB&DRIVe electromobility project from various scopes and perspectives, as part of the study cases that students have to research and develop as part of the academic content of their courses.

For the Postgraduate Diploma in Design for Innovation strategy, the objectives established were:

1. Explore and document value opportunities based on an exploration of the needs of potential users regarding urban mobility focusing on electricity management.

2. Define initial feasible scenarios of experiences and possible concepts of solutions.

3. Establish a “roadmap” of innovation initiatives.

Regarding the Master in Design Management, and given that this second course had its beginning a few months later than the previous one, part of the ideas and proposals generated by the first group were used to propose the following objectives:

1.Develop the concepts selected by URB&DRIVe at the end of the first phase.

2. Assess relevance from the perspective of users and potential collaborators or partners associated with the project

3. Present prototypes of possible services / solutions.

In both courses, initial sessions of presentation and resolution of doubts were held.A second control session to see the evolution of each team and its proposals followed, and on a final presentation (scoring for the students), students exposed how they have addressed the phases and concepts of the project and propose implementable solutions and services.

A university focused on practice

IED is an educational institution that covers various disciplines of design, visual communication, fashion and management. Today it is a great international network of Italian origin, born in 1966 thanks to the implication of Francesco Morelli.

The Istituto Europeo di Design is, above all, an evolving educational system. A true laboratory capable of thinking and reinventing itself day by day, which seeks to offer creative young people a complete, theoretical and practical training, a “Project Culture” that accompanies them throughout their lives.